Your wedding is a celebration of the unique love shared between you and your partner, here are a few ways to put your personal spin on the traditional ceremony!


The sky is the limit (not even) with regards to a ceremony location captures the bond between you and your partner; a natural setting amidst the trees, on the beach with a driftwood arbour or in a hot air balloon… your choice.


The energy of a ceremony can really be shaped with a selection of music, true to what makes you and your partner smile. Aside from pre & post ceremony music, there are generally 3 times throughout the ceremony where we can include songs that really communicate your style:

  1. Entrance Song: This is at the beginning of your ceremony when one, or both, of you are walking down the Aisle
  2. Signing music: Whilst we are signing the marriage register during the ceremony, there is another opportunity to play a track or two for your guests to enjoy
  3. Departure Song: This is the song that communicates… “The party starts… now!” Generally a track that can set the mood for the rest of the days fesitivities and gives you and your partner something to “celebration dance” to on your way out the aisle together as newlyweds.


Custom vows are a nice touch during a ceremony, to share some love and laughter with your partner and guests. Don’t feel worried though if you are truly not comfortable writing your own vows, I’m here to help and alternatively you don’t have to say custom vows if you don’t want to… its your day.

Guest Involvement

Involving special guests in your ceremony is a way of highlighting how much you and your partner appreciate their role in you life, usual roles that can be assigned to your loved ones are:

  • Usher(s): A common role that involves welcoming guests at the start of the ceremony and directing/assisting them to their seats
  • Ring Bearer: Often this is the Best Man or a young relative, however this role can be given to anyone you wish (even a trusted pet)
  • Witnesses: This is most commonly the best man and maid of honour, however it is becomming popular to give this significant role on your wedding day to other guests in attendance who are very special to you and your partner. So long as they are both over the age of 18, it can be anyone you wish
  • Speaker(s): A speaker at your wedding could read anything from your favorite poem that reflects your relationship or a passage from a religious text. More contemporary readings are “words of advice” (usually given by an elderly family member or friend) or “the love story” (which is an outline of your relationship up until this day usually read by someone who has been along the journey with you both from the early stages of your relationship)

Secret Herbs and Spices

I have a few extra secret herbs and spices that I share with my couples to further engage their guests and put a customised flare into the ceremony!

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